21 January 2008

End of Year One Summary

Well, I had to get my priorities right and have my holidays first! Now for my brief reflection before gearing up for a new year of learning (for both myself and my students).

Overall a positive year - very demanding and plenty of long days, but successful all-the-same.

Strong(ish) points
  • Positive learning environment where students feel safe and happy
  • Promoting thinking through scenario/action-based learning
  • Good use of new-media technologies to promote learning
  • Encouraging independent learning and intrinsic motivation
  • Success in extra-curricula video production for Panasonic competition
  • Trying lots of different approaches to teaching, and being willing to change
  • When used, shared learning intentions were successful in directing students' learning focus
Points to focus on
  • Establish writing groups and fairly regular 'conferencing' to improve learning in writing (and assist in my formative assessment of individuals)
  • Both Maths and Reading groups to have more routine to help students focus on beneficial learning habits
  • More regular setting/sharing of learning intentions and goals
I'm looking forward to this coming year, and the challenges it may bring. Also looking forward to hopefully being stronger in some areas so I can focus more attention to the (seemingly never-ending) gaps in other areas of my teaching.

Kia Kaha (have good strength)